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Caring for Your Felt

Washing Felt

Your felt was made with a dilute solution of 7th Generation Dish Soap and tepid to warm water, about ½ tsp. per liter of water. That is the perfect way to wash it if you feel it needs a wash. Just don’t wring it or put in a dryer, but rather blot it between towels and lay flat to dry like you would a hand-knit sweater. Tip1: A salad spinner works perfect to spin most of the water out! Tip 2: A felt scarf loves a steam ironing!


Your Felt Cap

If you have a felt hat from me, wash it as above. If the brim has stretched some and you want to pull it in a bit, do this: Wet it with the dilute soap solution, lay it flat on a table, measure its brim width and its height. Then sprinkle it with hot water where you want to pull it in, say the brim. Then roll up sideways, tightly, in a tea towel, then roll back and forth about 30 rolls. Open, roll from the other side 30 times. Remeasure.

If you also want to pull the volume of the cap in, roll again, as above, from the bottom up and then from the top down. Always re-measure and assess where you are. You can repeat. Spin or blot to dry. The hats will stretch, so it is common to refresh the size in this way. Felt likes to be played with, so no fears. Just no wringing, no iron, no clothes dryer. You can always contact me about this or any matter.

Snags, Repairs

Never worry! Felt is so forgivable. Almost nothing is unrepairable. Please contact me right away. I love making fixes at no charge and have many, many techniques for repairing felt. Consider you have a lifetime warranty!

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